Go Go Tioga!!!

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Thanks to $2.8 million in funding and a committed community of mountain biking enthusiasts, the Tioga Recreation Area—located just 10 minutes from Sugarcrest—is becoming a top destination for next generation mountain biking. Whether you're a beginner learning the fundamentals or an expert in search of an adrenaline filled adventure, Tioga has a trail for you. And these are not random rock and root ridden paths. They’re carefully built trails shaped specifically for mountain bikers featuring progressive, "Flow" designs that make it easy for riders of all ages and skill levels to participate and have fun. The future of mountain biking is here—and it’s just around the corner! Go Go Tioga!

What People Are Saying

[The Tioga trail] “creates a unique western canyon-like experience, complete with red rock cliffs, dramatic vistas, and local mining artifacts.”
— Pete Kero
I rode Tioga yesterday and IMO you have the best trails in the state, maybe not the most miles yet but unmatched variety. I felt like I was in the UP riding sometimes. The trail builders and planners are amazing. This is going to be a game changer for the area. Kudos.
— Tony Lima

 Get the Details

GRIMBA (Grand Rapids and Itasca Mountain Bicycling Association): The non-profit heart and soul of Tioga. Check out their site and Facebook page for all the latest on Tioga including the master plan, trail maps, pictures, video and a fascinating timeline of what it took to make Tioga a reality.

About Flow Trail Design

Flow Trails are the future of mountain biking and have transformed the communities in which they’re built. Shaped specifically for mountain bikes, Flow Trails optimize the rider’s momentum to produce speed, rhythm and fun. Strategically placed berms, jumps, rollers and camber tread surfaces propel the rider forward with minimal braking and peddling as if riding a rollercoaster or floating in mid-air (i.e. disappearing bike effect). Check out this video of one of the longest Flow Trails in the world located on the Petzen mountain in Austria: