With breathtaking views of aquamarine Sugar Lake, expansive spaces, historic cabins, and towering pines, maples and oaks, Sugarcrest is a stunning backdrop for one-of-a-kind experiences and memories that last a lifetime. 


You Want:

Freedom to be original and spend wisely on food and beverage options.

Ample time for setup and help from family and friends.   (Done right, setup can be as fun as the ceremony.)

Introductions to the best professionals (photographers, florists, decorators, DJs, hair and makeup stylists, etc.).

A back up or 'Plan B' if the weather doesn't cooperate.

Protection against risk and legal liability.

We Do:

Simple packages and flexible food and beverage choices including DIY.

Five nights accommodation for bride, groom and up to 18 additional family members and friends. Setup party anyone?

Connections to top professionals who've delivered exceptional results for previous Sugarcrest guests.

Tent, tables and chairs with multiple breathtaking locations for your ceremony.

Event insurance that covers you, Sugarcrest and any non-professional friends and family who help out.

Jenna & Joe

"My husband and I had the distinguished privilege to be the first couple wed at Sugarcrest. We could not be more grateful for finding this place and having Dave and his family’s willingness to work with us, as we were able to create a unique, one-of-a-kind wedding on this beautiful lakefront property. We were able to capture stunning pre-ceremony photos in the rustic cabins of Sugarcrest and have the amazing Caribbean teal-colored lake in the foreground of the ceremony and reception. The open landscape provided a perfect venue to host the reception after the ceremony, while still having privacy due to the tall, lush Minnesota cedar, pine and maple trees. Our description and the photos provided do not do justice as to how breathtaking this place actually is. We were fortunate enough to create some of the best memories that will last our entire lifetime. We could not be happier to recommend Sugarcrest to anyone who is looking for a hidden gem that gives the feel of a private retreat with a rustic feel."